1      How do I create an account with BEL.CORPO ?

2      What's the difference in creating an account and Guest Checkout?

3      What's the carting out process?

4      Can I pay via i-banking, m-banking, or Credit Card, ?

5      I have a promo / discount / gift card code, where do I use it?

6      I've received a BL.CORPO Coupon Promo! How do i us it?

7      Can I send my my order to a different address?

8      How often do you launch new items?

9      What is a Pre-order?

10   What is a Backorder?



1. How do I create an account with BEL.CORPO?

  • Click on ‘Sign Up’ at the top of our homepage
  • Complete your details
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you. Click on the link and activate!

2. What's the difference in creating an account and Guest Checkout?
Creating an account  automatically pre-fills your personal details ( i.e: Name, Address ) at your next check-out and you're also able to view your order history. Guest Check-out will not allow you to the above but you will receive status notification of your order by emails.

3. What's the carting out process?

  • Choose the product that you want, dont forget to choose your size
  • Add items to Cart
  • Input your Coupon Code if you Have
  • Click on "Checkout"
  • Continue as Guest if you do not have account or log in to your existing account to have your personal information pre filled
  • Choose mode of Shipping and enter any promo or gift card codes
  • Click "Complete your purchase"
  • Your order will be confirmed via email
  • You will be notified via email when your order has been shipped and order fulfilled

4. Can I pay via e-banking, m-banking or Credit Card?
Yes of course, you can choose all the methode above to buy the product that you want, if you have any information you can email us at

5. I have a promo / discount / gift card code, where do I use it?
You can us it directly ini the shopping chart before you checkout, insert your Coupon Code in the "Discount Coupon Code" and the Click "Update" 

The promo will be updated Automatically

6. I've received a BEL.CORPO Coupon Code! Do I have to use the entire value in one purchase?
Ok Great you get that! The Coupon can be used more than 1 purchase, if the value of the Coupon is more than your first purchase. You may combine Coupon and you may check your Coupon balance by visiting the unique link sent via email after purchase. You may also use the Coupon in conjunction with other discount codes. 

7. Can you send my order to a different address with my billing address?
Yes, you may! You can tap the billing address check if you need to send your package different with your billing addres

8. How often do you launch new items?
We try our best to update the website every week, do follow us on twitter/instagram @bel.corpo or for instantaneous updates. View and shop our products by clicking on the name of the different collections from the dropdown menu when your curser hovers over "Collections"

9. What is a Pre-order?
A pre-order is an order you can make for a new item before it is in stock and available for delivery

This means that our products have to be specially imported and this may take from 2-3weeks from when the pre-orders close to reaching you. By placing your order you agree to this timeline. Please only order if you are comfortable with this!

Pre-orders allow us to offer you a wider product selection. We are constantly working to reduce waiting time so that you will receive your items as soon as possible. 

10. What is a Custom Order?

A custom order is an order that you can make to fit your boddy, it's custom so you have to mesure your body size first.

We will send you some data, to apply your boddy sizing, so we can make the product fit ini your size

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